Jake and Syd

Two months (and change)

Thanks to Brandi for the nudge ;)

Asher is TWO months old now...will be 11 weeks this coming Monday. He's huge. It cracks me up when stranges mention how tiny he is. In comparison to an adult or even a big kid, sure but to us he looks giant. This past week he weight 13 lbs 15.5 oz at our breastfeeding group. Drs. scale was a bit lower - 13lbs 12 oz but that still put him in the 90th percentile for weight. 23.5 inches - 75% there and 16 in head, 90% for that. The boy grows :D Breastfeeding is amazing. Sure, somedays its tiring or inconvient but I can't get over the coolness of the fact that the only food this little guy has had comes from me. Plus he's getting to be quite sweet when he nurses. He talks to me, snuggles with my shirt and smiles.

I've been back at work just over a week. Most of the time I'm working from home - an arrangement I've got worked out for this month to ease the transition. Jake's in SAHD-mode and loving it. He and Asher are settling into their routines and Jake's even taken over the housework. Ash does pretty well with a bottle, smaller amounts than I think he gets when he nurses but then he just eats more often. We did switch to a faster flow nipple which is helping.

As for Asher's accomplishments - he's smiling tons, giggling occasionally, loves to "stand", is enjoying his kick'n'play gym, can lift his head during tummy time, tracks really well, "talks" and is starting to grab things - namely my hair! He still loves the bath and loves to be outside. He just started on some Zantac for reflux as he seemed to have pain with it and it seems to be helping already. He's been MUCH less fussy when he pukes (still spits up all over but that's okay) and he slept 5 and 6 hours respectively the past 2 nights. I'd thought for sometime that the reflux woke him up but its crazy to see what a difference the med made. Of course, now that I've said it, he'll be up every 2 hours tonight!

I think that's most of what's up here. He's really incredible. Love him to pieces. Will attempt to journal a bit more. Its hard to balance between wanting to snuggle him up and wanted to record some of his babyhood. Doesn't help that he's sleeping with us. Once he nurses to sleep he wants me to stay and go to bed as well. Also doesn't help that I've often fallen asleep with him ;)
Jake and Syd

Sinking in...

Its really kind of funny how you can be pregnant for 40 weeks and it still doesn't always sink in that there is going to be a BABY at the end. I can't believe he'll be here so soon. No more than a week and we'll be somone's parents - poor little guy! I'm feeling pretty nervous about the labor/delivery piece too. I wish he'd just come on his own between now and Sunday so we could shelve the whole induction thing. In case that doesn't work though I am working on the positive thoughts.
Jake and Syd

Asher Eviction

The boy's days inside are numbered! Of course we aren't sure quite what the number is LOL. At my drs appt last night (cervix essentially closed grr) we got our induction date. We're scheduled for next Thur for the cervical ripening and then pit starting the next morning. BUT we're on the waiting list for this Sunday. Of course he could feel free to come on his own before then and that would be just fine with me :D
Jake and Syd

Is that supposed to make me feel better??

So I'm walking through the hospital today and a stranger (though clearly someone I've walked by before) says, "You poor thing, every time I see you I want to cry" WHAT?!?! Don't get me wrong, I understand I'm huge. Odds are I've got a good 7 or 8 lbs of baby in here - he takes up a lot of space and yes I'm a tad short of breath and waddle more than a bit but its really not THAT bad. I get to feel his kicks and squirms and I'm due in 9 days, the less pleasant stuff can't last that much longer. I didn't even know what to say...just sort of smiled and kept walking.
Jake and Syd

37 weeks 2 days and a whole lotta crazy

The problem with being nearly due is that your baby could come at any minute...or not. In my case, its leading to a a whole lotta crazy.

Actual thoughts from today...

- Will this food taste good enough to make it worth it if I were to go into labor and throw it back up (in my opinion there are some foods not worth the risk as they are that nasty on return appearance!)

- How many contractions would one have to have before calling their husband out of Transformers (rest assured thus far I've had none)

- At one point does one start trying things (not including castor oil!) to try to make their baby come? (I'm undecided here but sure its quite a bit more than 37 and 2)

- How huge is this boy going to be?

- How many people can ask if I'm having multiples before I scream and/or cry (again not sure but we get closer every day)

- How do people cope with unpleasant pregnancies...mine's been lovely and I'm still DONE (again no answer...I think they are saints)

I clearly need more to do to distract me from all of this!!!!
Jake and Syd

You've got to be kidding me!


I'm all for responsible pet ownership but this seems WAY over the line. When it comes to surgery done on my pet, I want a say on if it happens or not. We don't legislate that people have to feed their pet high quality food or walk them regularly or any of that crud. I understand that unwanted puppies and kittens cost tons of money but requiring surgical alteration is an awfully big step.
Jake and Syd

4 years!

Happy Anniversary to us, happy anniversary to us, happy annniiveerrssarryy to ussss, happy anniversary to us :D

Aren't you glad you got to hear me "sing" that ;) I really can't believe its been 4 years already, no matter how cliche that sounds. I still remember getting up that morning, how TIRED I was. One should not do place cards and seating arrangements *after* the rehersal dinner. I was peaceful. I ate some breakfast and headed off to get my nails done. All the stresses that come with planning, all the details, it was all over. I had my nails done and then wandered over to the other side of the salon to get my hair done. Bridesmaids arrived, family and friends arrived. It really was a great party from the morning on. Then we headed to the church, munched on subs and before long it was time to get dressed. I love(d) my dress. Couldn't fit into it (even before I was pregnant) again but I still love it. I felt gorgeuous but still like me. I loved watching my flower girls play, chatting with bridesmaids and just enjoying the fact that it was our day. I even liked getting my pictures taken! And then the ceremony. It was just what we wanted. The music was perfect, Jake looked incredible and we had everyone there to support us. If only I remembered more of that. The whole thing was just overwhelming and there is lots I can't remember. From there it was on to limo rides, the reception, dancing and a fantastic honeymoon in Seattle.

Really though...it was just the beginning. The beginning of staying up late to talk in bed. The beginnning of raising our sweet puppy to be the perfect dog for our family. Of laughing while we grocery shop and snuggling on the couch. Of weekend morning bagels and late night ice cream trips. Of sweet kisses and long hugs. Of planning for our family and concieving our baby. Of big stuff and small. Good weeks and bad. With our baby coming before long this anniversary is even more of a reminder that this too is just the beginning of the rest of our life as a family. I can't wait.
Jake and Syd

I know there was *something* I was going to post about...

Something interesting, thought provoking, intreuging. Problem is I have no recollection of what it was. As a result, this will be another baby focused post. I got home nice and early today and didn't have much I needed to do so I've been doing some reading on cloth diapers as ours are in the mail! Just a few...well 8 to be exact, so that we can figure out if its going to work for us, if we like this type of diaper etc before spending too much. The ones I have coming are actually gently used by someone who decided it wasn't for them. They are BumGenius and I have to say the name just cracks me up. http://www.cottonbabies.com/product_info.php?cPath=98&products_id=954 I've been reading about washing and care this afternoon. The whole thing is a bit overwhelming because people do so many different things with their washing routines. Almost everything I've read recommends just using a dry pail (ie let them sit till you're ready to wash - no soaking) but from there its all different. Different temperatures, different detergents and on and on. Not to mention we have a bit of an issue with our piping right now and can't run loads on hot so that wouldn't be an option for us. Its not that big of a deal to fix, Jake just hasn't had them time. Yet another thing to add to the list!

I'm still excited about trying them though. My skin doesn't cope well with disposable products next to it. If Asher is the same, cloth may be important in keeping him comfy and rash free. Plus, I like the idea of not throwing away all that trash. So...we'll give it a try and see how it goes.