December 16th, 2009

Jake and Syd

Duggar chaos

Generally I don't care what anyone thinks about the Duggers. Its a bigger family (by a lot!) than I'd want to have but they aren't my kids. I don't think they are abuse or neglected or really even that much more "brainwashed" than any other kiddo. We all teach our kid the value system that is important to us. But really...I don't generally care if others disagree.

Until you have a critically ill child. Seriously people. This is a family adjusting to NICU life, a critically ill (even if stable) baby, facing long term seperation of the family, etc. Have we nothing better to do than write articles about how Michelle Duggar is at risk for incontinence??? I know many moms of far fewer than 19 who have that problem and I'm pretty sure most people don't make child-bearing decisions on that issue. Even if they did...not the time! The comments people leave on the articles are scathing as well. When you are so bothered by someone's lifestyle that you wish ill on their child...then I think its time to take a step back and look at your motivations. The Duggars are appropriately focused on the well-being of their new baby...seems to me that if we feel the need to be involved in their life via media, we could do the same.