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I did some reorganizing and decluttering today and plugged one of our digital photo frames back in. I last uploaded pictures to this frame about a year ago so there are lots of pictures of Asher as a baby. he loves to look at them and talk about "baby Asher" and when he came out of my tummy. It has me so excited for Eli's arrival. Nursing, snuggling, learning about who he is and all his parts, soft baby skin, sweet baby smell, teeny baby socks. 15 more weeks seems like forever (though message to Eli and God...I'd really like you/him to stay put till he's big and healthy!).

Lots to do in the next 15 weeks to get the house ready for Eli so I guess I should enjoy the time we have. Its the last of our time with just Asher too and I want to enjoy that. I took tomorrow off to just have a Mommy-Asher date day, and I'm so looking forward to it. He just so funny and imaginative these days - you just never know what he'll say. At church today he got a sticker with someone brushing their teeth and it said "God helps me". When I asked Asher what his sticker said, he told me "God is brushing his teeth"....think we missed the point in today's lesson LOL.

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