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Its the long lost poster ;) I had to go back and read my last post to see when I wrote it LOL

Despite my long absence, all is well here. Asher is such a joy. He really is a riot. Tonight we made Easter cookies and Easter eggs at my parents house. He was really excited about the eggs, more than I thought he'd be. His ability to be gentle...pretty much what I expected. He's really into birthday's right now and will sing "happy to you...happy to you" so we're working on "Happy Easter" - happy is spot on...Easter could be clearer but its getting there. We get lots of two word phrases now - Mom sit, Asher outside, bird fly and a few three word phrases here and there. Today he told me Asher bite mouth, just in case I was worried that bite of cookie was going anywhere else. He's quite the big boy these days - sleeping like a champ (only took 18 months LOL), weaned a few weeks back and will tell you now that he's a "boy" if you happen to use the word baby. I did have to laughing reading my old posts that I thought he'd easily be done nursing around a year! I seriously underestimated the love of milkies. His favorite activities these days are the SAHD playgroup, gymboree and swimming but he mostly just loves to play OUTSIDE. Jake commented that at least our house will be clean this summer because we feel like the two of them won't be spending much time inside it. While I'm doing the Mom-gush...he's counting to 10, knows about 10 letters by sight and thinks he can sing the ABCs. In reality he signs a handful of letters and mumbles the rest ;)

Jake and I are good as well. My job is firmed up for next year which is nice to have settled and Jake continues to love being a SAHD. I have my moments of jealousy but it really is a great set up for our family. We've been doing a tad better at date nights too so its not all about Asher.

Sydney is SIX and doing well. Asher has mastered the chuck-it so he can really throw her ball now so she's getting more exercise. She too is glad its spring!

I really should wrap this up and SLEEP. Happy Easter!

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