amy0catherine (amy0catherine) wrote,

Overdue update...

According to the homepage, about 11 weeks overdue LOL. We're fantastic. Sincerely. I'm working too much this month but I have a fanastic husband and postively hilarious little boy so at the end of the day, I'm thankful.

Asher's a riot. He into everything these days - running from one thing to the next. He's learning new words all time time. Common ones are "side" for outside, dog, duck, up, yep, mama and dada. Occasionally I hear no, cup, down and book, not to mention the constant gibberish conversations with himself and us! He's very into dancing right now as well as playing outside and reading books. He's still nursing a few times a day and we're making some progress in the sleep department. His 3rd-6th teeth have come in over the past two weeks so I'm hoping sleep will be even better now.

I'm good. Working in the NICU this month. I enjoy the work though not the calls. I'm also working on some arranging for a possible job next year. Praying that works out quickly and smoothly so it can be off the worry list!

Jake is good as well. He continues to love being home with Asher. He works maybe 1 half day a week just for something different and some extra cash. He and Asher keep busy with playgroups and errands, not to mention the ever present list of things to do around the house!

Sydney's thrilled that Asher has learned to throw a ball, less thrilled that he drops less food now. The two of them are bestest friends.

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