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Duggar chaos

Generally I don't care what anyone thinks about the Duggers. Its a bigger family (by a lot!) than I'd want to have but they aren't my kids. I don't think they are abuse or neglected or really even that much more "brainwashed" than any other kiddo. We all teach our kid the value system that is important to us. But really...I don't generally care if others disagree.

Until you have a critically ill child. Seriously people. This is a family adjusting to NICU life, a critically ill (even if stable) baby, facing long term seperation of the family, etc. Have we nothing better to do than write articles about how Michelle Duggar is at risk for incontinence??? I know many moms of far fewer than 19 who have that problem and I'm pretty sure most people don't make child-bearing decisions on that issue. Even if they did...not the time! The comments people leave on the articles are scathing as well. When you are so bothered by someone's lifestyle that you wish ill on their child...then I think its time to take a step back and look at your motivations. The Duggars are appropriately focused on the well-being of their new baby...seems to me that if we feel the need to be involved in their life via media, we could do the same.
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I did some reorganizing and decluttering today and plugged one of our digital photo frames back in. I last uploaded pictures to this frame about a year ago so there are lots of pictures of Asher as a baby. he loves to look at them and talk about "baby Asher" and when he came out of my tummy. It has me so excited for Eli's arrival. Nursing, snuggling, learning about who he is and all his parts, soft baby skin, sweet baby smell, teeny baby socks. 15 more weeks seems like forever (though message to Eli and God...I'd really like you/him to stay put till he's big and healthy!).

Lots to do in the next 15 weeks to get the house ready for Eli so I guess I should enjoy the time we have. Its the last of our time with just Asher too and I want to enjoy that. I took tomorrow off to just have a Mommy-Asher date day, and I'm so looking forward to it. He just so funny and imaginative these days - you just never know what he'll say. At church today he got a sticker with someone brushing their teeth and it said "God helps me". When I asked Asher what his sticker said, he told me "God is brushing his teeth"....think we missed the point in today's lesson LOL.
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Thanks for the nudge Sarah...I agree with your take on Facebook. Not the same at all and nonetheless I haven't been writing. Guess I should work on that. My nudge said my last update was 28 weeks ago which quickly brought to mind our biggest news - baby #2. We're expecting baby Eli in early March. Asher is super excited to tell people that there is a baby in Mommy's tummy and it will come out when it gets bigger. It will be a huge adjustment for all of us but I think he's going to be a great brother.

Ash is a great toddler. He's super verbal, super funny and super busy. He loves to climb, jump, run and hide. We moved him to his "big boy" bed this week without incident. He loves it. He stays home with Daddy and they continue to have lots of fun. He was a dragon for Halloween and told everyone "trick or please"

I'm finally done with residency - wahoo! My "big kid" job is in a clinic at our hospital. Nice normal hours, great kids, great staff. Its really a very good fit. I think that wraps up our big updates.
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Its the long lost poster ;) I had to go back and read my last post to see when I wrote it LOL

Despite my long absence, all is well here. Asher is such a joy. He really is a riot. Tonight we made Easter cookies and Easter eggs at my parents house. He was really excited about the eggs, more than I thought he'd be. His ability to be gentle...pretty much what I expected. He's really into birthday's right now and will sing "happy to you...happy to you" so we're working on "Happy Easter" - happy is spot on...Easter could be clearer but its getting there. We get lots of two word phrases now - Mom sit, Asher outside, bird fly and a few three word phrases here and there. Today he told me Asher bite mouth, just in case I was worried that bite of cookie was going anywhere else. He's quite the big boy these days - sleeping like a champ (only took 18 months LOL), weaned a few weeks back and will tell you now that he's a "boy" if you happen to use the word baby. I did have to laughing reading my old posts that I thought he'd easily be done nursing around a year! I seriously underestimated the love of milkies. His favorite activities these days are the SAHD playgroup, gymboree and swimming but he mostly just loves to play OUTSIDE. Jake commented that at least our house will be clean this summer because we feel like the two of them won't be spending much time inside it. While I'm doing the Mom-gush...he's counting to 10, knows about 10 letters by sight and thinks he can sing the ABCs. In reality he signs a handful of letters and mumbles the rest ;)

Jake and I are good as well. My job is firmed up for next year which is nice to have settled and Jake continues to love being a SAHD. I have my moments of jealousy but it really is a great set up for our family. We've been doing a tad better at date nights too so its not all about Asher.

Sydney is SIX and doing well. Asher has mastered the chuck-it so he can really throw her ball now so she's getting more exercise. She too is glad its spring!

I really should wrap this up and SLEEP. Happy Easter!
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Overdue update...

According to the homepage, about 11 weeks overdue LOL. We're fantastic. Sincerely. I'm working too much this month but I have a fanastic husband and postively hilarious little boy so at the end of the day, I'm thankful.

Asher's a riot. He into everything these days - running from one thing to the next. He's learning new words all time time. Common ones are "side" for outside, dog, duck, up, yep, mama and dada. Occasionally I hear no, cup, down and book, not to mention the constant gibberish conversations with himself and us! He's very into dancing right now as well as playing outside and reading books. He's still nursing a few times a day and we're making some progress in the sleep department. His 3rd-6th teeth have come in over the past two weeks so I'm hoping sleep will be even better now.

I'm good. Working in the NICU this month. I enjoy the work though not the calls. I'm also working on some arranging for a possible job next year. Praying that works out quickly and smoothly so it can be off the worry list!

Jake is good as well. He continues to love being home with Asher. He works maybe 1 half day a week just for something different and some extra cash. He and Asher keep busy with playgroups and errands, not to mention the ever present list of things to do around the house!

Sydney's thrilled that Asher has learned to throw a ball, less thrilled that he drops less food now. The two of them are bestest friends.
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One year!

Happy Birthday Bubby! A year ago I was laying in a hospital bed, still not quite able to feel my legs, snuggling with you, staring at you, getting to know you and who I was as your Mom. Over the last year we've learned so much together...I love you and your Daddy, always, forever and then some.
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Great day

Sarah...thanks for the nudge.

Today has been one of those days that is as absolutely fantastic as I thought being a Mom would be. Asher and I have been playing all day! This morning we took Sydney to the park, played on the swings, went do the slide, climbed up the steps and let Sydney run around. Then we came home, he nursed and napped and I had a chance to shower, clean up and relax before he woke up. My mom came over and we decided it was so nice that we went to *another* park, played and then went shopping. Ash was a riot at the stores, helping pick out rugs and pictures for my mom's guest room. He loves to pick if you give him two options. He's such a good natured kiddo - I'm so lucky to be his mom!

He's 9mo old now - cruising, crawling, pulling up everywhere, climbing up steps, babbling and playing games. He's growing SO fast. He's very distractable when nursing now but when there isn't anyone around he nurses well. I think we'll make it to a year fine but I don't think he'll nurse much longer than that.
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Seeking to understand...

I was reading a blog today and there was a post about what to teach kids about religion. There were many comments about not wanting to "force" religion on kids and letting them wait till they are older to pick a religion. I just don't get it....I pick all sorts of things for Asher already and he's only 12 weeks old. We'll have lots of values and beliefs that we'll teach him. They are in line with our faith but things we'd teach him regardless. Why is it that its okay to teach kids about tolerance, grace, respect, honesty, etc and "force" them to believe those things are right and important but not okay to teach him about God?